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A Word from your friendly administrator

Welcome to the brand new Anime Fanlist community.

If you have a fanlisting to promote, do it here!
If you're looking for a fan listing of your favourote character/show/song/seiyuu/whatever, look here!

It's always difficult starting a new community so it would be great if any members could spread the word about this place and be sure to post links to any fanlistings they find that they think may interest others.

I myself am a member of a few fanlistings.
I'm a member of a Changin' My Life list. You may know them from the anime Full Moon Wo Sagashite.
I'm also a member of a few Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon listings. That's the live action show. I'm so addicted it's scary.

My pride and joy however is the Uninhabited Planet Survive fanlist I created today, that in turn has inspired the creation of this community. It's called Howard Burgers and you can join here.

So I'll leave it tere. Please sign up and please promote. The more people here of this place the more use it will be to everyone else.

<3 Neety
x x x
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